15 January 2007

god grew tired of us

We're not big moviegoers. The last movie we saw in the theater was the Narnia movie. However, we would both love to see the new documentary God Grew Tired of Us. It's the true story of 3 of the "lost boys" who escaped the Sudanese civil war and came to America in 2001. Check out the trailer. It looks really interesting and significant for us as we consider all the new things our kids will experience when they come to the States. Unfortunately, it's not showing anywhere near us yet, so we're going to have to wait. If you see it, let us know what you think.


kdeutsch said...

Peter and Becky -

Greetings - sorry to intrude on your family blog, but I was searching for blogs that mentioned God Grew Tired of Us and found your posting.

While the film might not be showing near you yet, you might be interested in the autobiography of John Dau also called "God Grew Tired of Us" that was just published. John is one of the Lost Boys featured in the film.

John works wih me at Direct Change where we raise support for programs in Africa that help children. You can find out more about John's work to help Sudan and how to get his book at http://www.directchange.org/sudan.

My thoughts are wih you as you wait to travel to be able to bring your children home from Liberia. My wife and I adopted our son from Ethiopia 3 and half years ago and the waiting to travel was painful. However, the joy of bringing him home made us realize how lucky we were.

- Ken D.

Dono & Laurie said...

Becky- I so want to see this...thanks for posting it! I'll read the book while waiting for it to come to Denver. I would also like to buy it for our family and to have for Kojo as he grows up. Thinking I'll post this to our blog as well! Still praying for ours/yours passports to come through:)