11 January 2007

Garty's haircut

We haven't been posting much this week because we haven't had anything to say. It has actually been a very tough week emotionally-- mostly for Becky. But now we want to share the fun update we got tonight about Garty. Here are the pictures of Garty's haircut. It was not his first haircut (in fact, I think his hair was already cut once before he came to us at 2 months old), but it was his first really thorough cut with a buzzer. As can be seen from the pictures, he did NOT like it. But he survived, and now he's proud of himself since he knows he looks good. The pictures are from about 2 weeks ago. In the picture you can see his 2 brand new teeth. Garty is doing really well, though he is still unable to sit or crawl. He's getting SO big though! These won't join the ranks of the cutest baby pictures we have, but they definitely made us smile.

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