07 January 2007

great joy and tremendous heartbreak

Yesterday a bunch of friends in NJ had a baby shower for us. I (Becky) had a wonderful afternoon and was so blessed by the love, support, and generosity I felt in that group. It is wonderful to know that we really aren't adopting 3 kids on our own. Our kids are loved by so many already, and I know we'll get through the transition with many people behind us to keep us going. It was an exciting and joyful time.

Then last evening, we sat on our couch together and watched a heartbreaking video of kids living on the streets of Africa. If you can handle it, scroll through the videos until you find the one called "Toddlers." We went to bed feeling burdened by the immense need that we can barely fathom. Our kids will escape the terrible fate of so many of their peers, but there are so many left behind. Please pray with us that God would be a father to the many who suffer daily for lack of basic necesities and that our nation would use our great wealth and privilege to make a difference for those who have no hope.

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EEEEMommy said...

My computer's audio is not working for some reason, but I can still see the video which is ....absolutely horrifying! Dreadful, really! And the video of the girl in the yellow dress....she looks about the same size as my almost 4 year old. I can not imagine!