21 January 2007

no longer an Outbacker

Last night was my (Becky's) last day working at Outback Steakhouse. It was a huge blessing to have the extra funds for 3 months, but (surprisingly) the hourly rate just wasn't good enough to make the time I was putting in worthwhile. I will be picking up a few more tutoring hours with the agency I work for which hopefully will make up for some of the loss. We were both certain this was the best decision, but it was surprisingly hard to walk out of the restaurant last night knowing that I'm giving up that source of income. It's amazing how quickly we came to rely on an extra $200-300 per week. Money really is a powerful thing, whether we want it to be or not. I'm excited though to redirect my energy toward some of my church and Worldlink responsibilities that need to be moved along before the kids come home and I become extremely preoccupied for a while. Peter is probably excited to have me back in the kitchen cooking dinner on a regular basis. We're both excited to have more time together until we leave for Africa.

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