31 January 2007

kid update

We have quite a few updates to share, but Peter's head is very unhappy tonight with a cold or allergies and my stomach isn't feeling so good, so we'll just share the most important news and save the rest for tomorrow. Here's all the pertinent information you may or may not want to know from the 2 emails we just received about our kids. Joshua, Patience, and Garty are all doing well. Today we looked at albums together and Patience got very emotional thinking about wanting to go home to her American family! She didn't cry, but we spent some time together going over the pictures and talking about her family. Recently some visitors came, and she quickly got attached to one of the women, calling her mom and fighting off anyone that came near to them. I think she thought that was her mom finally coming for her! When the woman left, she took it OK, though she did cry (but didn't throw a fit or anything). She is just ready to go home to you guys. Garty is doing well, though he hasn't crossed any more developmental milestones. I thought I'd let you know a little more about the kids' names. Joshua is pronounced Jah-swah and is not a very common name. Patience is pronounced Patie (like you're about to say Patience, then don't say the "nce"). Patience is hands down the most common Liberian girls' name. Garty is pronounced Gah-tay (by the Liberians) or Gar-tee (like we say). Garty is an uncommon tribal name. The kids are from the Krahn tribe. I have not been able to talk to any Krahn people recently to ask about the meaning of Garty's name.
In addition to this news, we also got updated sizes. Garty has put on a ton of weight and is up to 18 lbs! He may fit into some of his 6-9 month clothes when he comes home, but he's already wearing some 12 month things. He must have heard about his cousin Ava (who is less than 2 weeks younger), and he's making an effort to outweigh her.


EEEEMommy said...

Oh, my mommy heart is aching for "Patie"! I do so hope her mommy is able to go get her soon!!!!
And that Ava is adorable! What a butterball!
Continuing to pray for passports,

Peter & Becky Bowersox said...

I agree that Ava is unbelievably cute (and I'm not at all biased). Although I find it maddening that we LOOOVE chubby babies, but no one is oohing and aahing over the extra 15 lbs I'm carrying around right now!


EEEEMommy said...

Yeah, me too!
(I'm lucky if it's only 15lbs!) And I can't blame it on having 4 babies, because I lost all that weight and gained it back again! Sigh!
My 5 1/2 year old climbed up on my lap the other day and said, "Ready to start exercising." "Ummm, No! I'm enjoying just sitting her," I replied, "Why?" To which she sweetly answered, "You're fat," and patted my tummy! NICE!
Oh, you're going to LOVE being a mom!!!
Speaking of which, I need to get off the computer and get back to that!

Peter & Becky Bowersox said...

Wow! That's rough.

Clark & Becky