16 January 2007

tonight's passport update

The passport office does not have any passports in their building and most likely will not have any in this week. Apparently once that office makes the next list of people who will get their passports issued they then submit this list to the committee who reviews it. After it has been approved, they are then able to obtain the passports from the bank that holds them, get them to the office, and start signing. They are working on the next list of 1000. 15 of our kids are in that group that we know of right now. These would be families that were submitted in the Sept/Oct group. Keep in mind that sometimes they pull passports randomly and the next group [OUR GROUP] could get some pulled and signed as well. We have no idea why. But for the most part this is how it works. Those families who were on the Sept/Oct group list are looking at passports for their kids by the end of the month or so. [WE] are looking at February... unless God does something surprising. Please keep praying for the kids' health and God's protection over all of us while we wait. Thanks for being patient with us through all of this.

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