23 February 2007


That's the number of days until we board the plane in New York!!!! Because the kids' passport applications have been signed and we're only waiting on the actual passport booklets, we knew we should travel in March. The problem is that Wordlink's 5th Anniversary Celebration is scheduled for March 17. It's a really big deal, and it was getting harder and harder to plan it without knowing whether we'd be around or not. As this week wore on with no sign of passports for Joshua and Patience, we finally broke down and emailed Donna at the office to see if she knew when we should be travelling. We explained why we really needed to know, and she was very understanding. She told us that we were tentatively scheduled to arrive in Liberia on the 18th. Unfortunately, that would mean leaving the 17th at the latest, and we would miss the big Anniversay Celebration by just a few hours. We debated and decided that we care about Wordlink enough to wait 3 extra days to meet our kids... although it was a tough decision. If if it were any longer than 3 days, we'd probably be out of here party or no party. So we'll be going in Wednesday (instead of Sunday) since flights to war torn African nations are infrequent. We'll be leaving Monday the 19th, arriving in Liberia on the 21st, and meeting our beautiful babies the morning of the 22nd!! Yippee!! Of course, this plan only works if they sign the passport booklets. Please pray that they will be signed soon for the sake of us, our kids, and all the other families who have been waiting so long!


Tom & Theresa said...

Praise God! May the Father guide your growing family during this season of reflection upon His Son's work upon the cross and the resurrection life which we come into by the power of the Spirit and find completion in the new heavens and new earth, Tom & Theresa

EEEEMommy said...

How exciting! I'm so happy for you guys! I will certainly continue praying that all the pieces fall into place according to His plan!