05 February 2007

more news about the kiddos

We learned today that Garty is finally trying to learn how to sit up, and he's cutting his 3rd tooth! Every day it gets harder to be away from them. We also got the official answer to the question about who is in the picture we posted on Saturday. We're not telling yet, so check it out and tell us what you think.

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Joel said...

Peter, it's very unlikely you'd remember me, but we went to the same small church many, many years ago. At least I think it was church, maybe it was school... I hardly recall myself. (FYI, Royersford Bible Fellowship was the church.) Had trouble sleeping tonight, and for some reason God dropped your name into my head, a name I hadn't heard in a looong time (random, I know). So I decided, since I was up, to Google your name, and a few clicks later, here I am! Enjoyed reading your blog, and will earnestly pray for you and your wife this month about those passports (I know they can be tricky). -Joel Sawyer