09 February 2007


This morning Peter got a call at the office. WE GOT GARTY'S PASSPORT!!!!!! We don't know why or how. They still haven't issued many of the passports from Sept & Oct, but they issued Garty's. We obviously still need 2 more, but we're thrilled with this unexpected turn of events-- especially since it's Garty's. Now if he would get a kidney infection again (which obviously we're hoping he doesn't), we could go get him. It would be terrible to go get him and leave the other 2, but we would do it if we had to. They were told they would get more passports Mon or Tues. No word on whether they would be for our kids or not. We know many of you are praying daily for us already. If you aren't or if you have time to do more, we would feel so honored if you would make the passport situation a special matter of prayer over the next few days. Pray that Joshua and Patience would get passports. Please pray also for the families who were expecting their passports today and received bad news instead. We're obviously elated, but we feel terrible for the families who really should have gotten passports first and didn't. Although I feel like a child using this statement, it's just not fair that they aren't working through the piles in any semblance of order. Thanks for your love and patience with us and this whole process. Stay tuned!!


Chris G. said...

Praise God! It's funny how many times "We don't know why or how" = "His perfect timing!"

He is good!

Twichie said...

YAY! We're so excited for you! Now to just get those other two Bowersoxes 'legal' so God can bless the unity of this family!!!

As always, praying and here if you need anything. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! You all (5 of you) continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.
We are learning through are own current circumstances that God's timing is perfect despite our lack of understanding. (My grandpa (Stolpe) went home to be with the Lord a few hours ago.)
Please keep us posted!
Jon and Leanne

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the good news! We will definitely be praying that they all can come home together! Can't wait to meet them! Love, Fran

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Congrats! I will continue praying for Patience and Joshua's to come through!