21 February 2007

Ash Wednesday

Lent wasn't a big part of either of our upbringings, but we're trying to observe the church calendar (especially Advent and Lent) in more significant ways these days. This Lenten season we'll be reading through the Anglican daily offices together each day. (That's what 2 years in an Episcopal seminary will do to you.) We also both made a fasting decision this year. Starting today it's no chocolate for Becky (except for her birthday and our night in Belgium) and no pretzels or crackers for Peter until Easter. Already we've both regretted making the commitment, as these are serious loves for us. We found these reflections on Lent helpful and hope our simple sacrifice will remind us daily to walk with Jesus through this important season.

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Thomas B. Grosh IV said...

Just returned from 'da Burgh. I had the opportunity to participate in Church of the Ascension's Ash Wednesday service. While receiving the imposition of the ashes, I was filled with Joy. Not how we're supposed to start Lent, but God may be calling me to give up brooding. That will be new one! Not sure how this will affect my Adult Education Class, In the Shadow of the Cross: Reflections on daily life through the window of Lent, the Cross, the Resurrection, and the Kingdom of God . In addition to walking through the Lenten guide provided by our local congregation, we will meditate upon and discuss several pieces by N.T. (Tom) Wright. We'll dedicate a significant number of weeks to viewing, discussing in small groups, and praying responsively to the material presented in his DVDs on Evil and Resurrection, based on Wright's book Evil and the Justice of God. If you have recommendations, in addition to the websites you posted, for Lenten novices which would be helpful to incorporate in this class, let me know! I'm looking for suggestions. This comment is going so well, I think I'll post something similar on my blog.