16 February 2007

today's BIG news... REALLY BIG

Today Patty (our agency director) went to the passport office AGAIN. We're still not sure how she got away with this, but she got all 40 or so passport applications that we've been waiting on and marched around getting all the necessary signatures! It would have been great to watch the whole process. 2 of the Liberian guys who work for Acres of Hope said it was quite a sight. When she was done, she turned them in and was assured that the actual passports would be ready by next Fri. Of course, there's no guarantee that they'll have them signed by then. After all, why should they start meeting deadlines now? But the BIG, HUGE part of the job got done! Patience and Joshua's applications are no longer mixed in with the other couple thousand applications! The agency should start calling next week to tell us all when we'll be able to travel! We are SOOOOOOOOO excited to be past this last major hurdle. We're guessing that it will still be mid to late March before we're allowed to travel since there are several families who have been waiting much longer than us, but that's OK now that we know that we're really going to travel soon.
On a very sad note, after moving heaven and earth for our kids (or so it seems), Patty found out tonight that her teenage daughter passed away this afternoon in Wisconsin! She had many special needs, and her health was declining. They just didn't have any warning that this would happen right now. We can't imagine being over in Africa and learning that your child died. Patty will leave Liberia Friday and arrive in the States on Saturday. Please pray for Patty, her husband Harold, and their kids as they mourn this terrible loss.

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