12 February 2007

prayer for Diamond

We appreciate so much those of you who have faithfully prayed us through the past few months. Today we learned that Diamond, a 2 year old boy with cerebral palsy, is in the hospital in Liberia. They don't expect him to make it through the night. Diamond is still waiting for a family, so he doesn't have lots and lots of people praying for him like Garty did when he was so sick. Could you take a minute to pray for Diamond? Pray that God will miraculously sustain his little life and bring him home to a family soon.

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Twichie said...

Consider it done. God, rest Your hand on Diamond right now and let Him feel the overwhelming love and peace that only You can give. We pray healing, love and abundance in the life of this small child...so much so that only You can be credited with everything that happens to him and that You may be glorified in everything he does every day of His life.

God give him rest, peace, and comfort (and amazing overflowing joy!) that can only come from You.

In Christ's holy name...