03 February 2007

another vote

Because we received so many interesting emails and comments regarding the frog vote (after another week of discussion, we discovered that Peter's contingent would have scored much less than 33% of the popular vote), we decided to play a game called, "Can you find our kids in this picture?" We received this picture 2 nights ago. We're just not 100% sure whether Joshua, Patience, or both are in this picture or whether they accidentally sent it to the wrong family. We won't tell you what we think yet. Cast your votes.

We must be terrible parents if we can't identify our own kids!


Anonymous said...

I think the little boy in white is Joshua. The girl next to him in blue might be Patience but it is hard to tell when her finger is in her mouth!

I know it is them because they are the two cutest kids there!


Anonymous said...

The kids in the center of the pictures look like them. Patience is wearing blue and Joshua is in white.


Elizabeth said...

I was going to say the boy in the red on the left is Joshua...but then I read the other comments. I went back and looked at the boy in the white. It's a possibility, but I'm still going with the boy in the red. And as for Patience, I would definitely say blue shirt with her finger in her mouth.

Elizabeth said...

No, I enlarged the picture, and I do believe they're right...Joshua is the one beside Patience.

Theresa said...

Patience is in the blue dress in the middle.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe there is still time for one more vote for your two little ones! Patience is in blue and Joshua is in white--did I miss or can't find the results! Wonderful news on the passport!