27 February 2007

February's photo contest winner

...in the category of "we have no idea what's about to happen to us."


Trisha said...

I am dumbfounded! Are the little fluffy cuties your cats? They look EXACTLY like our cats!! Two brothers from the same litter - Simba and Mr Bigglesworth. Mr B is no longer with us - he went to a better place in January. I'm just shocked ... they say everyone has a double! : )

Peter & Becky Bowersox said...

Ours are siblings as well, but Midge (the black and white one) is a girl. Lots of people have commented that it's strange that they look so different if they're siblings. We thought they were unique!

Anonymous said...

Midge looks exactly like our Livie-- except Livie is a few pounds larger! But that's easy to explain-- after all they are cousins! Fran