07 February 2007

one Liberian on his way

Today our friend John is on his way to the States to spend a week sharing with a group of Liberians here. We have been supporting John through Worldlink since 2003, long before we started working for the ministry. Next week he will be coming to stay with us for 5 days or so, which will give sufficient time for us to connect him with supporters who know him and one of the churches who heavily supported the Liberia container project. While it will be nice to see him, it is sad to realize that he got on a plane a few miles from where our babies live, but he couldn't smuggle them out of the country with him. We are going to accost him with questions about the kids' tribe and Liberian customs. We are hoping that we can send him back with gifts for the kids, and more than that... we hope we'll be seeing him again very soon at his house instead of ours.

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