12 February 2007

child soldiers

CNN did a disturbing piece today on child soldiers. Read the story and watch some of the video links for yourself when you have a few minutes. The video about children fleeing the horror of militia kidnappers is especially insightful but horrid. We are so thankful that Joshua was born a few years too late to have a similar experience in Liberia, but there are so many children still in harm's way throughout the world.

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Anonymous said...

hi becky! this is michelle (rineer) benner! :) i actually heard about your adoption from brian & kelli when we were home for christmas, but then katie wrote to us and told us about your blog. it's so neat to read about this amazing (and i'm sure scary at times!) journey. phil and i have actually started talking a bit about adoption as well. we will def. be praying for you guys and the adorable little ones waiting for you! if you want to drop us an email, our address is: philnshelly@gmail.com take care!