05 April 2007

amendment #2

Now the prayer request is "Please pray for Garty who has a cough and his mommy who has a sore throat and sniffles and his daddy who has bad congestion and sneezing."

We would also appreciate prayer concerning the next 27 hours until we leave. So far today our ride to the airport cancelled because his mother-in-law apparently had a heart attack, and he really needs to be with his family. We think we have solved that crisis now. We just received the mail and found a citation that says we need to remove the graffiti from our house and garage within 10 days or we will be issued a citation. They didn't give any information about how to contact their office, so I can't talk with them unless I track it down myself. The graffiti has been there since we bought the house, but they decided now was a good time to do something about it. At this point, we're just hoping we can make it on that plane one way or another.

We'll post a final stateside update tonight or tomorrow morning.


Twichie said...

Satan has no power here. NONE. God is in control. The illness, the graffiti, all of it - Satan's just flipping that you're about to bring God's plan for your lives to fruition.

I pray against all of it - and pray against negative words/feelings for all of you!

Love you ALL and waiting to hear the joy and thanksgiving in your report once you're home!

Anonymous said...

Dear Becky and Peter,
You'll be in our prayers all the way. This is a very good thing! We love you all and hope to see you sometime soon. Have a safe trip.
Much love, Fran for all here