01 April 2007

labor pains

Last week Jerry (an adoptive dad) said, "Congratulations! You're in labor!" At the time, I (Becky) blew it off, but I've spent quite a bit of time the past few days reminding myself to breathe... breathe... breathe. Though our labor is different than most, I think I could have learned some helpful relaxation techniques in those birthing classes!

It's been a crazy week emotionally. Now that I really should be excited, most of my enthusiasm has been temporarily misplaced. Peter, on the other hand, is very excited. We're both keeping extremely busy with the many last minute tasks. We discovered the other day that being in Belgium overnight on Easter weekend means that every room is booked in the town where we expected to stay (even the really expensive ones). After spending 6 hours hunting for options and sending emails, one of the bed and breakfast owners suggested that I give up hope. Now I need to spend this evening trying to find something in Brussels, which is a big city and should offer some kind of option.

We did take a little time to relax this weekend. I scrapbooked Friday night, and Saturday evening our friends took us to Bistro St. Tropez in Philly (definitely worth a visit) to celebrate. Today was a bittersweet day at church as I taught the preschoolers for the last time (I absolutely LOVE them), and our congregation closed the service by praying for us as we head out. We've now hit the point where we're doing a lot of "last" things... our last trip to NJ without 3 kids in the back seat, our last trip to a classy restaurant before we need a babysitter, the last time my sister will stop by when the house is quiet. It's pretty strange.

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Twichie said...

God will bless you in some amazing way with the hotel room/place to stay. I'll be praying for Him to move so that everyone knows HE did it and there was no other way for it to be done! (He seems to enjoy doing that.)

And I can't wait until you start telling us about all of the 'firsts' you've got coming up!

But be ready - it will take you much longer to get out of the house for even the simplest things! Plan lots of extra time! The first time we had Christian AND Sydney to get to church, we were SO LATE!

Shoes are our big issue. We'll have everyone dressed, but ALWAYS (no matter the system put in place) seem to be missing a shoe for one of the kids! :)

A piece of advice that I heard at one point was always get yourself ready first. That way, you can 'dress' the kids in the car or fix their hair or get them out the door and 'finish' them, but it's harder to do that for you. :)

We are so excited for you guys and we can't WAIT to hear about all of the amazing blessings God's sending your way.