16 April 2007

Embassy Appointment

Becky called home to fill us in on the exciting events of the day! They received an unexpected phone call around 11:30 that their Embassy appointment had been moved up and they would be getting picked up shortly. When they told the kids they got REALLY excited and started running around laughing like crazy (the kids- not P&B)! Everyone got all dressed up (Patience loved her green dress and shiny white shoes) and went out to the Embassy. All the paperwork went through except for a background check that needs to be done on the kids. Someone has to contact existing relatives and make sure the kids are able to leave the country. They thought this had already been done but (not surprisingly) it had not. It is scheduled to happen on Thursday but MIGHT happen earlier. Depending on when this final check comes through there is a small chance that Peter and Becky can get a flight out on Friday. Please pray that the final check happens sooner than expected and that they can get a flight on Friday.
Other than these very exciting events everyone seems to be doing fairly well. They are still dealing with the heat, various illnesses, and temper tantrums. Earlier today all the kids got together to watch Cars (thanks to their host family who offered to let them watch it in their home). The kids LOVE watching cars on the street, riding in cars, and now watching a movie all about cars. Joshua really likes the pictures of Papa and Mama's cars in America. He's also happy that cars go fast in America. They are also very excited about the prospect of going to America on a big plane. Hopefully that wish will come true soon!

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EEEEMommy said...

This is more exciting than The Amazing Race! Wondering whether they'll be able to make the flight, or whether they'll be stuck for a few more days.
God is in control!