11 April 2007

Another Delay

Peter and Becky called home this evening to let us know that unfortunately they are going to have to stay in Liberia for a few extra days. The situation as I understand it is this: Before the families travel to Liberia to pick up their children Acres of Hope has a meeting with the Embassy regarding the adoption. Then when the families arrive in Liberia they take the children to the Embassy for another appointment for an interview and to complete final paperwork. Apparently the American Embassy in Liberia has recently made a new rule that there must be a two week period between these two meetings. The problem is that no one really knew about this new rule so the three families there right now picking up their children are the first ones to run into this problem (their first meetings were less than two weeks ago). Unfortunately, the one man at the Embassy who has been helpful to Acres of Hope in the past is on vacation this week and the woman in charge in his absence is not disposed to make any exceptions to the new rule. The earliest appointment Peter and Becky were able to get is for next Tuesday. Tomorrow they will call the travel agency and hopefully be able to switch their flights to Wednesday and arrive back home on Thursday. At the moment three extra days in Liberia is not sounding good. It is extremely hot and there isn't much to do other than sit around and try to keep the kids happy. Please pray for Peter and Becky as they wait out yet another delay to getting their children home and pray that this is the last. We will let you know when we hear their new travel plans. - Katie


Dono & Laurie said...

I'm sorry to hear about this! I've been thinking and praying for you guys, as we are running into this delay now,too. As far as when we can travel to pick up Kojo. The delays are never ending...the good news is that you are with your children!!! Asking God for His grace and mercy to be with you ALL!

smith952 said...

On a positive side though, this gives the kids a few extra days to get to know and bond with you guys in their enviornment. Hopefully this delay will actually make the transition for the kids easier!

Anonymous said...

Continuing to pray...Romans 8:28