13 April 2007


Hello everyone,
We finally have an update from the Bowersox family. It has been a trying couple of days for all three families picking up children at the orphanage this week. Garty has a respiratory infection and the orphanage has provided an antibotic which hopefully will solve the problem. Becky also had to give Joshua medicine for a swollen gland and slight fever. One of the Acres of Hope staff told them that it is not unusual for the children to pick up sicknesses at this time of year so she doesn't see any major cause for concern. Becky says that it is hard because if one of their three kids acts up and they give them too much attention then another one starts to act up because they are jealous. On the up side the kids are giving them hugs and kisses and other signs of affection. All the children, not just theirs had a cranky day so the parents are calling it an early night and praying for a better day tomorrow.
One big problem they are having is they are running out of supplies. Peter and Becky took what they needed for a one week trip, not two. They need to get out and shop because they are running out of diapers, formula and other necessities. Unfortunately, they are at the mercy of the orphanage staff to take them out.

One of the three families had their embassy appointment today but was not able to get their Visas completed and cannot leave on Sunday as planned. The story is that the computer in Washington, D.C. is down so that NO Visa worldwide can be approved. (?!) Hopefully it will be back on line by Tuesday when Becky and Peter have an appointment at the embassy. Their fingerprints will be approved on Tuesday and the other paperwork done even if the computer isn't up but they cannot finish processing the Visas for the children until the computer is working. At this point it sounds as though they will not leave Liberia until Sunday, April 22. Although they are still exploring some other possibilities, nothing else looks good.
Peter and Becky asked that you continue to pray for them as they deal with this frustrating and uncomfortable (in many ways) situation. Please pray that the computers get fixed quickly so the three families can have their Visas processed next week and they can all leave next weekend. Also pray for the health (mental, physical, and spiritual) of everyone staying at the house.


Twichie said...

Thank you for the updates and please let them know that we are praying. If there's anything at all that we can do (so frustrating to be here and not be able to help!!) please make it known - or email or something.

God is in control - even in the trials.

Dono & Laurie said...

We are so praying for you!!!! I know God is faithful and is concerned with ALL the details happening, He will and is working it together for GOOD! You're in our thoughts and prayers!
Lots of Love,