09 April 2007

The big day!

Hello friends and family! This is Katie reporting for duty to relay the latest news from Liberia. Becky and Peter called this evening to fill us in on their exciting day. They arrived safely in Liberia last night. Today they spent most of the day with Patti getting a tour of the area. Around 4:30 they finally were able to meet their children! These are some of the highlights of their first day together as a family:
Joshua and Patience loved their bubbles and managed to blow through half of their bottles by the end of the day. They also both loved wearing Peter's sunglasses! Becky and Peter gave Patience a pair of white sandals that, unfortunately, are too big for her. She obviously doesn't mind this since she refused to take them off even when it was time for bed!
The kids were all pretty quiet during the day. Garty said "mama" which surprised (and excited) Becky and Peter. They were also very pleased to hear that Garty has been off of antibiotics for almost six weeks and is doing very well! Garty is big for his age and Joshua is small- even smaller than they had expected. Becky and Peter called after they had managed to get all three children asleep (Patience didn't fall asleep right away). They wanted to fill everyone in before heading off to bed themselves.
Right now there are three families at the orphanage picking up children and they are having a hard time getting embassy appointments for all of them this week. Please pray that all three families can get appointments this week in order to finish paperwork and fly home this weekend.
I will keep you updated on any more news we receive this week!


Amy said...

Oh, this is all so exciting!!! Thanks so much for sharing! I can't wait 'til it's my turn! :)

Trisha from King's Kids Camp said...

I need to stop reading this blog at work!! Every time you give us good news I squeal. My office is just outside our studio and I'm afraid all the viewers in Western PA are wondering what is going on! Enjoy getting to know your babies. They'll amaze you every day!

Daria Chacón said...

I've read this last post about 18 times, just rejoicing for you both (actually, for you FIVE as weird as that is) that this day is actually here. We are beyond delighted for you, and as we begin the process of adoption ourselves, it makes us eagerly anticipate the day we'll meet our own kids! We can't wait to see the five of you together.

EEEEMommy said...

Thrilled for you! Excitedly waiting for the first family photo! Continuing to pray that all of the legalities are resolved quickly and easily!
Praise the Lord!
Love, Angel

Twichie said...

Ooh! I can't wait to hear more! Yay God! This is SO exciting!!!!

Thank God they've met their babies and everyone's together! Here's praying they get home this weekend.

Go God!!!!