20 April 2007

They're really coming!

Peter and Becky called tonight to let us know that they finally got the Visas and they really are flying home on Sunday! Today they took the kids to the orphanage to say goodbye to their friends and nannies. Tomorrow they are going to visit the beach and then get packed up to leave early on Sunday morning. We expect them to arrive in New York on Monday afternoon. Becky said that she will post pictures next week as soon as she possibly can. At the moment everyone appears to healthy. Pray that this continues. Also pray for safe and peaceful travels for the whole family. It will be a challenge to take 3 preschoolers on two rather long flights with no rest in the middle. We do not expect to hear from them again this weekend so I will let you know on Monday that they have arrived safely!


Dono & Laurie said...

YAY! Praise God!!!! I'm so happy that you all will be home soon. Excited to hear your updates and see pictures of your family finally together! Praying for peaceful travels.

Twichie said...

Yay!! We love you and the entire Twichell clan is praying for the entire Bowersox clan!! *hugs*

Kathie Devaney said...

Hi, I am so happy for the 5 of you. I will be praying for your many adjustments to come. The Devaney's really miss everyone in NJ(PA). I hope to see you when we come up to visit this summer.