02 April 2007

prayer requests for this week

We've been praying the "please send passports" prayer for so long. Now that we are finally free of that hurdle, we thought we'd share a few new prayer requests if you would like to pray specifically this week for our family.

1. Please pray for Garty who has a cough. Pray that it would not turn into anything major and that it would clear up before we travel home, as plane trips often aggrevate respiratory issues.

2. Praise God with us that last night we found a hotel for our night in Belgium. It's not in the town where we planned to stay, but it is convenient and looks nice. A huge weight has been lifted.

3. Pray that we would rest well despite the stress of last minute preparations. Becky has been having trouble sleeping since we heard the news a week ago, but she just had her second good night in a row.

4. Pray that the God would prepare our kids' little hearts to meet us next Monday morning and that we would be prepared to love them fully no matter how difficult the transition may be.

1 comment:

Alanna Bryan said...

We will definitely be praying for all of you. My hope is that even though the hurdles may be large at times to overcome you are able to deal with each day individually and not be overwhelmed by the future. It's the journey that makes the ride worthwhile. I'm still learning as a mom that the joy is in the process of living not just the outcome. I pray you find peace in the tears, hope in God, and joy in all the in between moments that you never thought would matter so much.
Love, Alanna