27 April 2007

photos at last

We've been having all kinds of trouble over the past 2 days trying to get some photos uploaded for you. We have a few hundred pictures from our trip, but this album has 30 or so from our first meeting with our 3 beautiful (and at the moment incredibly frustrating) kids. Enjoy!


Jocelyn said...

I love the pictures...they are great...welcome home!!!


Dono & Laurie said...

Oh my gosh Becky!!!!! I am in tears! What wonderful pictures thank you so much for sharing them! It looks like Joshua and Kojo were in the same room? I loved seeing his name up there on the list! All of your babies are so beautiful!!!!!
~lots of love

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are great! I was so excited to see our Jessica in the background of one of them!! Perhaps our daughters are friends! Your children are so beautiful! Take care, Shana Angle

Theresa said...

The picture of you, Becky, crying with joy at meeting Garty just made me cry with you. I can't imagine your excitement at that first meeting--times 3!

Anonymous said...

Dear Peter and Becky,
I am overwelmed with joy for you both. Actually for all of you, for the kids are sooooo blessed to have you for parents. Thank you for taking us on your journey. We (the girls and I) loved seeing the pictures of your family comming together. Many thanks for sharing them and we look forward to seeing more as time permits. We look forward to having you all over to play and swim. I hope they settle in quickly.
Lots of love,

Twichie said...

Okay - great way to move someone to tears right away.

Love you guys - and we're so happy and pleased for you. Joshua has the cutest smile - Patience has GOREGOUS eyes - and Garty looks very snugglable! (And yes, that's a word!)

Hugs and prayers coming your way. Again, we love you. :)

Kathie said...

What great pictures, I will keep praying for you. You both look so happy. I am so delighted for you both. What beautiful children.
How inspiring to others. Miss you all. The Devaney's

Michelle Maher said...


I look at your pictures everyday! As a mom hoping to receive passports soon and make the same journey to AoH, I can't tell you what your pictures meant to me! I hope to get similar shots while I'm there because it will be so valuable to the kids later. Thanks for sharing.
Michelle Maher