11 April 2007

Liberian News

Hi everyone!
I'm going to try to sum up a whole lot in a few sentences because getting on the internet has been a big ordeal. We still don't have a phone card to call home because we've barely gotten out of the mission compound where we're staying. Hopefully tomorrow...
The big prayer request is that we still don't know if and when we have embassy appointments. They were having trouble scheduling them. Please pray that all 3 families can get out as scheduled on Sunday.
Every day here seems like several days. Days are long and hot, especially when we're just sitting around at someone else's house trying to get to know the kids and not having much to do. 80% of our experience with the kids has been great, but the other 20% has been really rough. Joshua is doing really well, although today he had an hour long crying spell. We're not sure if he was sad or upset because I made him share a car with his friend who is also staying here. Patience giggles like you wouldn't believe and is so cute until she gets upset and throws a serious tantrum. We had 2 of them today. She's really testing us. Garty is having a tough time adjusting and really misses his nanny, Grace. When he's happy, he's really happy. When he's not, he fusses alot. Oh, and he weighs about 70 lbs (although they tell us it's only 23).
Today our friend John came and took us out for a short trip to their office to introduce us to the staff. They also plan to take us to a local church on Sunday where Peter will probably speak. We're excited for a definite chance to get out and experience Liberian culture. The Acres of Hope staff is really busy, so we got out a bit on Monday before meeting the kids, but we've been pretty secluded since.
The kids have discovered the swimming pool. They were scared to death to get in yesterday, but once we convinced them, they loved it. Today they wore Peter and I out playing and laughing their hearts out.
We got our first kisses from Joshua and Patience today.
More when we can. Love to you all.



Dono & Laurie said...

It's so awesome to hear how things are going! Praying for those appointments and for all of you to come home as scheduled! I'm so excited for you!

Amy said...

Wow, it's so cool to hear about what's happening over there! Thanks for the update. I'm sorry the days are so hot and long, but it's probably really good for the kids to have these slow days in their country to get to know you before you embark on the going-to-America adventure!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to parenthood! Sounds like you're really getting broken in fast. It's going to be a hard adjustment time for ALL of you. It will be nice to get home and get settled into a routine. We are praying for the peace of God to surround you during this transition time and for a speedy trip home. Thank you for keeping us updated.