26 October 2006

back in the hospital

We just heard that Garty is back in the hospital with a distended stomach and something wrong with his liver. That's all we know at the moment, so now we have to wait until morning for an update. We also learned that a few weeks ago Acres of Hope (our adoption agency) was told NOT to ask for any more special passports for sick kids, which means a medical visa to the US is not an option. We're now trying to figure out if there's any chance of getting him to a different African country (which may still require a passport) or sending a doctor to him (which doesn't necessarily solve the problem because it doesn't improve the technology available). So basically, we have no idea what to do except beg you all to KEEP PRAYING! If you read this before lunchtime Friday, pray specifically that we would have the chance to speak with the director of Acres of Hope. They are trying to arrange for her to call us from Liberia tomorrow morning our time. Pray that this conversation would open doors of communication and make our options clear.

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