07 October 2006

the internet as a blessing

We have been blown away by the number of people who are praying for our sweet baby. The amazing thing is that many of these are people we've never met. They're people that we'd have no contact with if it weren't for the internet. There's an adoptive family in CA with 19 kids. Through my post to our adoption agency's yahoo group, they learned about Garty. They sit down as a family for 3 meals a day (can you imagine that?), and every time one of the children prays for Garty. There's our friend Tom who posted an update about Garty to groshlink.net, his very active blog. Now many more people know and can pray. There are all our wonderful friends and family who we'd never have time to call with updates, but email has made communication possible. And then on top of that, some have activated their church and small group prayer chains to pray. Barbara Jo, the pediatrician we've been consulting, contacted her friends at Samaritan's Purse to ask some questions. Now their stateside prayer team is praying for Garty. Although this has been a terribly stressful week for us, we can't help but marvel at how blessed we are to know that the battle for Garty's little life is going on all over this country. Thanks to all who are standing with us in this difficult time. Please keep praying. We're not there yet.

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