19 October 2006

tonight's developments

As of about 7:30pm our time, Garty had not had any more signs of scary diapers. He was also eating well. He's sleeping in bed tonight with the woman in charge of his care so she can watch him really closely. The plan is that tomorrow they will take him to the hospital and call us while they're with the doctor. Then our friend Barbara-Jo will talk with the doctor directly as they consider possibilities. Barbara-Jo is obviously concerned about blot clots and what they could mean, but she said we should take heart because it sounds like a reversible process (as opposed to an incurable disease). The director of our agency saw Garty today, so she will be able to be involved in any decisions that need to be made. All this is a good thing. We're still terrified, but at least we know everything that can be done is being done. Please pray that if Garty can't be treated in Liberia we would be able to get him to the US or another more developed African country. God has clearly put people in our lives who could help make this happen, but we would need to get him a medical visa from the US embassy and an emergency passport (the really tricky part) from Liberia before his health takes a turn for the worse.

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