25 October 2006

Worldlink project news

Here is a bit of news not about the kids... Some of you know that Peter spent a lot of time last year working to gather bikes, computers, vehicles, books, food, tools, chainsaws, and lots of other stuff to go into a 40x8x8 ft. shipping container headed to Liberia.

Our native missionary partners there are now using those goods for small businesses and ministry purposes. They have just started teaching sewing and computer classes and will be starting an internet café as well. The 5 chainsaws are being used to cut wood and make charcoal. Because there are no utilities, everyone cooks with charcoal. They have already brought in $2,400 from this business!

The Liberian missionaries expect to be self-sufficient when all the businesses are functioning properly. This is exciting for two reasons. First, Worldlink can then shift the support for these workers to new partnerships. Second, it shows that ministries can become self-sufficient when given the chance. Peter is now looking at another plan to help a Tanzanian group start a technical training school which will have far-reaching effects in their community.

There is a full report and more photos online at www.worldlinkonline.org. Follow the “latest news” link.

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