19 October 2006

urgent update

Sorry we've been out of touch for a few days. A bunch has happened since we got home, and we just haven't been online at all. We'll update you on all that news later, but we just got very bad news about Garty. Today he filled his diaper with blood clots. At his appointment on Tuesday, there were signs of improvement... although his white blood count still indicated infection. We were just happy to be moving in the right direction, and he was back to smiling and playing a bit. This news though is especially bad because the doctor there doesn't even know what to do. He asked us to contact our pediatrician for advice. Our friend Barbara-Jo said that she doesn't have any idea what to guess without examining him. She said there are lots of possible scenarios... nearly all of them bad. She thinks he probably needs a specialist at this point, which of course is not an option in Liberia. We're hoping to put her in direct contact with the doctor there so they might be able to figure something out. We're also hoping to hear from our adoption agency tonight about the possibility of now pursuing a medical visa. PLEASE PRAY... obviously for Garty's health but also for wisdom on the part of all involved to make the best decisions for him. The director of our agency just got to Liberia this week. Please pray that her presence there will be a helpful thing in making the best decision... It's a good thing that God loves Garty more than we ever could because otherwise this would be too scary to handle.

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