06 October 2006

Friday night update

We've been very blessed today to receive lots of updates on Garty. After talking to the pediatrician today, we emailed and asked specifically if Garty was sleeping normally, eating, acting alert and "normal", and whether his fever had broken. Here is the response that came through tonight... Garty is still sleeping a normal amount for a baby, though he is sleeping more than usual since he is sick. I am glad that he is not in so much pain that he can't relax enough to sleep. His body needs time to heal, and sleep is healing. Garty still has a fever, but it is much lower than the other day. He is very alert, though he looks like he is in pain. He cried when he was disturbed from a nap but stopped crying as soon as the nanny was holding him. Garty is not eating a lot right now since he feels so lousy and has sores all over his mouth from the antibiotic. Pray that the sores will heal so he can enjoy eating again. The nanny knows it is so important that he does eat, so she is patiently coaxing him to at least drink a couple ounces. Garty does not look better than he did two days ago, since he was at his worst yesterday and today was a very hard day of fighting for his little body. But he looked strong, like he IS fighting the illness, and not weak and lethargic.

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