04 October 2006

the prayer of our hearts

No update on Garty today. We're hanging in there. Last night for the first time we prayed this beautiful and powerful prayer by Richard Foster. It is a prayer for all the children, but we have especially embraced it for our children as we are realizing just how vulnerable they really are...

Lord God, merciful Father, care for the little ones. Watch over them in all their innocence. Guard, guide, protect. They are so vulnerable in this world gone awry. Famine, violence, and abuse abound. They have no shield, no defense. Be their shield, O Lord. Be their defense. El Shaddai, send your holy angels to protect the children. Protect them as they skip down the street. Protect them as they play on the school grounds. Protect them as they sleep through the night. Protect them from all physical harm. Protect them from all emotional harm. Protect them from all spiritual harm. Keep them from the influence of the evil one: from evil friendships, from evil thoughts, from evil acts. This I ask in the strong name of Jesus who always welcomed the little ones into his presence. Amen.

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