24 October 2006

Garty's progress

We haven't been doing a very good job keeping the blog updated... mostly because we've been too exhausted to get online when we've been home. The emotional struggle of the past few weeks has finally caught up with us and left us very, very tired. The doctors never connected on Friday, but they did run tests on Garty at the hospital. Not much developed from that except to learn that his white blood count was still high, which means they don't have the infection under control yet. On the up side, they are going to have access to an ultrasound machine this coming Friday. This will allow them to determine if Garty has abnormalities in his urinary tract or a kidney absess. Either of these problems would require a specialist immediately to get things on track. Otherwise, they will probably continue to assume he just has a normal kidney infection. We didn't hear any news over the weekend, but a few minutes ago a message came in. Evidently email has been down in Liberia for several days. As of today, Garty is back to drinking 7 oz. at a time (8 is his norm), having normal diapers, playing, and his skin is looking healthier. That's great news, but Barbara-Jo warned that if he has abnormalities in his urinary tract, the symptoms will eventually return. Please pray with us that this isn't the case and that Garty really is on the mend. He's one tough baby, but we believe that your prayers and the grace of God are what really make the difference. Time to go wake Daddy and tell him the news. (Believe it or not, he worries as much or more than Mommy.)

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