10 October 2006

will this ever end?

They keep discovering new problems with our poor baby. It sounds like this time they might finally have gotten to the root of the problem, but we're not holding our breath. Here's the update that came through a few minutes ago... It turns out Garty has a serious urinary tract infection. At the one hospital they were able to tell he had an infection (whether or not it was actually the pneumonia they thought he had) and was anemic. The blood transfusion was very good, but now he needs to be on a very strong antibiotic for this type of infection. He is eating well, though you can tell he just feels lousy. Thankfully we really know what is wrong with him now. The malaria was all cleared up right away, so we don't have to worry about that anymore. He will be given shots for a week but will still be able to stay at home. (He'll go to the hospital for his shots.) Then he'll be on 3 weeks of oral antibiotics. After that he'll have to be on preventative antibiotics for several months.
While this news doesn't make us happy, it's less frightening and life threatening (now that they're treating it) than malaria and pneumonia. We'll keep you updated on Garty's health, but we're optimistic that things should keep improving from here. Thanks for your continued prayers and all the encouragement you've been sending our way.

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