09 October 2006

two Garty updates

No news came through on Saturday about Garty, but Sunday afternoon we got this report... Garty is doing well and gaining strength. When I saw him in the hospital yesterday he was sleeping peacefully. His skin looked good, like he is staying hydrated. Praise the Lord, the nanny said he is now drinking five ounces at a time! (When he is well he usually drinks 8 or 9.) He is supposed to come home on Monday, if he is doing well enough.

This news, of course, made us feel much better, but tonight we're resting slightly less easy since we just received this message... Well, Garty is home from the hospital and doing OK. He's eating OK, but I'm not satisfied with how slow his overall improvement is coming. I am also concerned because his stomach area feels abnormally hard. If he has not perked up by morning, I plan to take him to see an American doctor. He's hanging in there, but keep praying!

It's been such a week of ups and downs. We really believe that God is going to bring Garty home to us, but we've got a long way to go. First we need to get over all these issues, and then we need to get through about 2 more months in Liberia. Thanks to all who are continuing to pray and care for our family. On a positive note, all reports on Joshua and Patience are still good.

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