03 October 2006

Garty update

Here is the updated email we received about Garty today... Garty was taken to the hospital today. He was diagnosed with pneumonia. It seems that his system was weakened from the pneumonia, which made him more susceptible to malaria. The malaria shouldn't be a problem anymore, since he's been treated, but it's the pneumonia he is fighting. He is on a lot of drugs to help him pull through. The nanny is taking very good care of him, and I check up on him several times a day, since he is living downstairs. The nanny was up a lot with him last night just holdin him and trying to comfort him. I will let you know how he is doing as his condition improves.

It is really tough to be so far away from our baby when his is so sick, but we're comforted to know that he's receiving one on one attention from a loving and dedicated nanny. We trying to believe that he'll pull through, but it's easy to doubt. Peter is having some symptoms of anxiety. I am alternating between a relative peace and crying spells. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all who are praying for Garty and us. You have no idea how much your prayers have strengthened us today.

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