09 October 2006

fun with poison oak

Saturday and Sunday Becky's poison continued to spread, and her right arm and hand swelled up in big way. It was quite a sight, and Peter wanted to take pictures to post for your entertainment! Unfortunately for you, we don't have a digital camera.

At church on Sunday, we had our friend Nancy, a nurse, take a look at it. She was very concerned about the swelling and the appearance of the rash. She feared it was starting to become infected. She insisted on driving straight to the ER, so Becky has now been in the Mount Holly ER two Sunday mornings in a row! If anyone would like to borrow our frequent visitor card and get it punched, soon we'll earn a free visit.

The doctor determined it wasn't infected yet, but he was concerned about how severe things had gotten. He prescribed a VERY strong 10 day dose of Prednisone as well as a topical steroid. We finally have a doctor's appointment this week, so they'll check again for infection. Already the steroids are doing a great job of reducing the swelling and slowing the oozing. Today we can see 3 knuckles on the balloon hand... only 2 are still missing. Unfortunately, the poison is still spreading on Becky's legs and stomach, but the drugs will stop that soon.

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